An Urgent Appeal for Financial Assistance for a Kidney Operation

An Urgent Appeal for Financial Assistance for a Kidney Operation 
Mr. M.A Sadath (32 years) of 79/37 Welikadamulla Mabole, Wattala Sri Lanka is admitted in Colombo General Hospital, Ward No 41 and awaiting a kidney transplant operation.
His blood group is 'O' positive. According to Professor Rizvi Sharif (MD,FRCP) and Dr. Surjith Somiah (Consultant Nephrologist) of Apollo Hospitals Mr. Sadath's both kidneys have failed. He need a kidney transplant immediately. Mr. Sadath is from a poor family and married a poor girl just four months ago.
His family is unable to support him for his operation. The family members of Sadath found it extremely difficult to find a person of the same blood group who would donate him a kidney. Finally a generous person has agreed to donate one of his kidneys. But he is reluctant to get admitted to the general hospital. As Such Mr. Sadath too has to he admitted to a private hospital for the operation. The hospital charges amounts to Rs. 650, 000. Another Rs. 200,000 is needed for medicine and clinic expanses.
Therefore the close relatives of Mr. Sadath appeal to the kind hearted general public to assist Mr. Sadath in this hour of need.
Please send your donations to his Wife's below bank account.
A/C name: N S Fareena
A/C No 200111098273
People Bank Wattala Branch Sri Lanka.
Patient's telephone number: 0722955127
For further details please contact Moulavi Mahir T.D Ramdeen on 0713343656