The Desperate Position of Muslim Girls Of Srilanka

Oh My God Allah! Who is responsible for this?????
Please watch the video.

Each and every Muslim must answer at Allah in the day of Judgement!

Our Politicians will never care of these girls! Ulamas will never bother about this critical sitiuation!
Our community also say Subahanallah or Naoodubillah and just forget this pathetic condition of our girls.
What is the Solution for this?
We may fight for our rights and get back those. Though our Kids cannot continue the studies in peacefull mind. There shoul be harrasment and totures inside the scholl whoever goes with Bottam and Hijab.
Only wise thing is Improve and devolop our excisting Muslim Girls school and give admission for them.
Will our our Political Leaders, Ulama, Hajiyars, and pilonthrophist come forward to develop our Muslim Girls and Boys schools? Will they open their two eyes and see the situation of Sri Lankan Muslim? Will their heart feel worry about our muslim community??? ???

Jazakkallahu hairan Son of Mashoor.