What Can do for Gazans from Sri Lanka?

Here are few sample pictures to show the Humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the Earth of Death

Support Palestine Campaign in Sri Lanka
The one time silent genocide against the Gaza strip estimated 1.5 million inhabitants has stepped as the Israel government and its occupation army continues to blockade the borders of Gaza for the twenty successive months. They have stopped allowing the entry of hundreds of essential commodities including food items, medicine and raw materials in order to make Gazans starve and die. Meantime, Israeli government has limited fuel and electricity to Gaza.

These steps have paved the way a serious humanitarian crisis where people have no access to food, medical treatments, employment and education. Serious and emergency What is happening in Gaza is actually a merciless and atrocious rampage of murder and terror of holocaust by army against a blockaded, beleaguered and starved people who want to survive and be free. Hence, the unfolding tragedy in Gaza is a foxy conspiracy of sadistic, genocidal Israeli campaign to starve and kill Gazans while hoaxing the whole world. The strong support of the US and its allies patronize all these Israelis inhumanities. Hence, as we are being kindhearted Sri Lankans, it is high-time to show our solidarity to the people of Palestine at this crucial juncture.

Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine

(CSP) has created a good an opportunity for all of us to help the most victimized people of Gaza by joining our hands with their support to Palestine Campaign. CSP with many other organizations such as All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, Sri Lanka Jamath-e-Islami (SLJI), MFCD, Friends of Palestine, Jamiyyathush Shabab (Shabab), AUMSA, Muslim Information Centre, etc., has initiated following programs to raise awareness about the Palestine struggle and support them by sending essential commodities which have been blocked by the Israeli government.

1. Mass Demonstration
- A public rally will be held in Colombo with the participation of multi-religious leaders and human right activists in the mid of May, 2008.

2. Island-wide Poster Campaign
- A massive poster campaign will be carried out covering main cities of the Island in order to educate the people about atrocities of Israel and the US on the state of Palestine.

3. Quthbah Campaign
- ACJU, a main partner of this program, has announced all Ulamas & mosques to hold Palestine Quthbahs on 18th and 25th of April.

4. Collection of essential goods
- Some selected essential goods will be collected and sent to Gaza by 8th of May, 2008.
- The donation campaign is being carried out in following two methods

a. Collecting Goods from General Public
New Cloths (kids, ladies & gents), Instant foods and Stationary items will be collected from public by a team comprising following organizations

I. Sri Lanka Jama'ath-e-Islami (0112 687091)

II. MFCD (0112 381188)

III. Friends of Palestine (0773312010)

IV. Jamiyyathus Shabab (0112 678333)

V. AUMSA (0714 812058)

Since the above organizations are the only authorized to collect stuffs, please avoid handing over your donations to any other.

b. Collecting Goods Wholesalers (Bulk)
Following organizations/individuals are responsible to collect goods from wholesalers, exporters and producers of respective items.

1. Tea 3

Br. Farzan/ Nilowfer (0777 551986, 0112 687091)

Sri Lanka Jama'ath-e-Islami

2. New Cloths (Kids, Ladies & Gents)

Br. Hameed Abdul Kareem (0722 184351)

One of Vice-Presidents, Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine

3. School Stationeries

Br. Nanda Kaluthanthri (0712 263134, 0112 778286, 0112 320396)

Co-General Secretary, Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine

4. Medicine & Medical Equipments

Br. Shiraj Mashoor (0773 595111, 0112 381188)


We kindly request you to donate your generous contribution before 5th of, 2008 by contacting above mentioned people/ organization or hand over to them when they visit you to collect things.

Collected items are expected to dispatch to Gaza under the patronage of H. E Dr. Anver Al-Agha, the Ambassador of Palestine in Colombo, in the mid of May, 2008. Meantime, UNRWA and Muslim Aid have come forward to take the responsibility of channeling onto Gaza and from Jordan and distribute our donation among the victimized Gazans.

Also, we are kindly invite any interested individulas/ organizations who wish to join with us in this noble work.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

SMA Niyas

Co-General Secretary CSP



According to United Nations Relief & Work Agency (UNRWA), one of the few relief working in Palestine with many difficulties, the Israel Occupation Army (IOA) is closing all roads & highways connecting Gaza to the outside world, creating very harsh living conditions for the Palestinians there in the light of the absence of basic needs such as food, medicine and fuel amongst other things. Four out of five Palestinian people live below poverty line and UNRWA has warned that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are facing a rapidly worsening humanitarian condition that necessitates extending urgent assistance to them and lifting the siege on the Strip.

Further, it points out that Palestinian economy is in shambles and there are no work opportunities possibly due to the deteriorating security conditions that also affect the Agency work. The Israeli occupation authority is hampering the UNRWA staffers' freedom of movement in the Strip, she pointed out, underlining that the Agency was in need of police escort and fortified vehicles. The UNRWA itself faces the financial crisis to continue extending educational, health and social services to around 4.4 million refugees in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza.


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