Rizmiya Needs your Support for her Kidney Transplant

Assalamu Alaikum

Mrs. Fathima Rizmiya (36 years) of  Arafa Mawatha, Siyambala Gaskotuwa, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka has been advised by Dr. Surjith Somiah ( Consultant Nephrologist) of Apollo Hospitals to undergo an immediate Kidney Transplantation. She is suffering from the kidney disease for the last six years and now she has been diagnosed as she is having the End stage renal disease - kidney failure.

The estimated cost of the above operation will be Rs. 650,000.00 according to the hospital. Also another Rs. 400,000 is needed for medicine, investigations, clinic and the post-surgery expanses. Her brother has come forwarded to donate one of his kidneys. She is married and her husband, Mr. Mohammed Lariff, is a three-wheleer Driver who is unable to find this amount from his employment. He has applied for the President's Fund and waiting for the response from them. This amount also will be a portion of it. Therefore, he finds extreme difficulty in raising this huge amount within his circle of contact.

Hence, he contacted Muslimwatch to appeal the kind-hearted brothers and sisters  and seek support to  find the above amount in order to admit his wife for the surgery without any delay. We also confirm that this is genuine and deserving appeal which should be supported by those are able to do so.

The letter issued by Dr. Surjit Somaih herewith.

You can send your donations to following personal account of the patient

A/C Name: Mrs. Mohammed Jalaldeen Fathima Rezniya

A/C No: 8600027169

Commercial Bank, Narammala

Patient's Husband's telephone number: 0713359599/ 0377405920

For further details please contact,
Mr. Mohammed Laariff (Husband)
Address: Fazla Manzil, Arafa Mawatha, Siyambala Gaskotuwa, Kurunegala
Phone:    0713359599/ 0377405920
E-mail : razi72mj@gmail. com