Assistance for kidney patient

The girl named Ifath Rihana from Maggona who is 12 years of age, needs your assistance to continue her medicine as she is suffering from Kidney Low Function, Hypercalciuna, BP & Impeagion. It is the advice of the doctors if she continues the medicine she may be able to overcome these illnesses (Insha Allah).

Her father who was working in KSA had to leave his job and return to Sri Lanka because girl’s mother is also suffering from many illnesses. With the help of Allah (SWT) the father helped the family very well while he was working in KSA, so they didn’t worry about their daughter’s medical expenses. For the last 6 months girl’s father is in Sri Lanka and unable to find a proper job to support his family, especially Rihanas’s medical expenses (around Rs.15,000 per month).
So it is an appeal from all who can help this family to help in any mean they can. It is not necessarily being a monetary help but can be an offer for a job to the girl’s father. Below are the contact details.
Patient’s name-  Ifath Rihana
Age-                   12 years
Address-            50 A, ‘Razeema Villa’ Indiriligoda, Maggona,Srilanka
Father’s name-   J. M Isroon
Mother’s name- Sitty Razeema
T.P-                      +9477 718 2806, +9472 387 7146
Bank Details-     Sitty Razeema
                             Bank of Ceylon (Beruwala branch), Srilanka
Consultant doctors
1.     Prof. S. B Lamabadusooriy ( Nawaloka Hospital ),Srilanka
2.     Dr. V.P Wickramasinhe, consultant pediatrician (Appllo Hospitals),Srilanka.
Sharfaz Nilam Muhsin
58/13 A 1/2, 4th Lane D. M Kolambage Mawatha
Colombo- 05,



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