Kidney surgery

Mr. Mohamed Rihan (23 yrs old)of Ismail Puram, Puttalam is suffering from a defect in Kidney due to a recent accident which made him to pass urine using a tube.

He has been advised by Dr. Nevil Perera, Consultant Urologist of Colombo General Hospital to undergo an immediate surgery
for which Nawaloka Hospital has estimated Rs. 150,000.00.

Please come forward to help this helpless poor family which reverted to Islam before many years with 8 members. It is our
responsibility to extend our helping hands to this brother.

For details, you can contact Patient's father Mr. Haroos on 0726 083 976

H Ajmal

Account details:

Mr M Raju
Redbaana, Ismail Puram, Mannar Road,
Seylan Bank Limited,
Puttalam Branch.
Account Number: 6234010