Urgent Appeal for Kidney Transplantation for Mr. N M Asam

Assalamu Alaikkum Brothers and Sisters!

Mr. Nawas Muhammad Asam, 23 of 132/6A, Nikagolla, Yatawatta, Matale is suffering from severe kidney failure. He is presently admitted in Kandy General
Hospital for Haemo-dialysis and kidney transplantation.
According to the hospital both of his kidneys are to be replaced.

Please review the letters issued from the hospital and the mosque on behalf of this critical patient in two different attachments.

Even though above surgery will be free of charge from Kandy General
Hospital, the family has to bear the costs of:

1. Payment for kidney donor.
2. Special investigation costs which should be done private laboratories.
3. Expenses for drugs.

This patient hails from a poor family who lost his father five years back due to heart failure and lives with his mother and two sisters. This boy was the only person
to bring any income to this family. Since he is in trouble now this family is very hopeless and seeking help from kind-hearted brothers and sisters while taking taking
every possible way to cure this patient.
They didn't even dream about such a sudden shocking tragedy for their loving, very young son who is just in his 20s.
They need around 1.5 million rupees to cover above mentioned costs.

Therefore, please be good enough to donate generously for this treatment and also do not fail to send this email to all your contacts since they need this money within days
to save his life. May Allah Almighty bless all of us!

For any clarifications, please contact of Br. Azam's parents -0724648910

Please find their bank detail below. This is a joint Account of this patient and his mother:


Thank you.

Mohamed Imtiaz.

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